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How does representation from UFCW Canada benefit me?

You now have access to representation and dispute resolution services from UFCW Canada – the country’s leading private-sector union. If your account is deactivated or there is another issue, you can now turn to UFCW Canada to help navigate that concern.

Currently there isn’t any legislation regulating gig work, and the national agreement between Uber Canada and UFCW Canada is a critical first step in lifting the floor for all workers performing app-based work.

Uber Canada and UFCW Canada also agree that it is time to start moving forward with legislated benefits for drivers, delivery people, and other platform-based workers, while at the same time maintaining the ability to work when and where you want.

As a driver or delivery person, you have gained the backing of a labour organization that has a long history of negotiating successful agreements with some of the largest national and multinational corporations in the country.

What should I expect from UFCW Canada?

The dedication of Canada’s leading private-sector labour organization in assisting you with work-related issues and representation as a strong advocate on public policy and legislative issues.

How can I access UFCW Canada representation?

Drivers and delivery people are represented by dedicated and professional union staff who are tasked with servicing the agreement between UFCW Canada and Uber across the country. UFCW Canada Representatives can assist with account deactivations and disputes, that have happened within the last 90 days.

For representation and more information, drivers and delivery people can text message us here. Drivers can also access UFCW Canada representatives at Uber Canada Greenlight Hubs.

Does the agreement between Uber Canada and UFCW Canada mean that I am now a union member?

The agreement means that, if you are a driver or delivery person on the Uber platform, you can request representation and dispute resolution services from UFCW Canada. As well, you continue to choose if, when, and where you work when using the Uber application.

Is there any cost to me for representation from UFCW Canada?

These representation services are available to drivers and delivery people at no cost.

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If you have questions or concerns regarding a health and safety issue or an account-related dispute with Uber Canada, or would simply like to know more about UFCW Canada representation and the national agreement, you can contact us by using the button below.

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